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Indian born Sydney-based artist Kirtika Kain examines how oppressive social hierarchies and power structures have

been enforced upon and embodied by generations before her, from the perspective of an outsider. Excerpted from

Indian historical archives, Kain incorporates the first English transcription of the implicit codes and regulations that have

been lived for centuries. These rules are silkscreened repeatedly with materials that relate to themes of valuation,

corporality, ritual and the manual labour of the lower classes including iron filings, gold, vermillion and bitumen. Through

diverse alchemical and experimental printmaking processes, Kain attempts to transform the language and these materials

into aesthetic object of value; thus, erasing, re-defining and re-imagining a personal and collective narrative. 


Kain received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2016 for which she was awarded the Bird Holcomb MFA Scholarship to

complete her Masters in 2018. Since being awarded the Lloyd Rees Memorial Youth Art Award and Hornsby Art Prize

(Printmaking) in 2017, Kain has been a finalist in numerous art awards including Blacktown Art Prize (2017), Gippsland

Print Award (2017), Swan Hill Drawing and Print Prize (2018) and Artspace Mackay Libris Award (2018).


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